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Clutter For a Cause

Donating to charity is a win-win situation. You'll turn a chore into a feel-good mission (and possibly get a tax break). While Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and the American Red Cross are great places to donate most items, consider these outside-the-donation- box ways to get rid of space-hoggers.

Winter Coats - One Warm Coat
Donate them to One Warm Coat which sponsors coat drives around the country.

Musical Instruments - Operation Happy Note
From piccolos to guitars, Operation Happy Note sends secondhand instruments to soldiers deployed overseas.

Computer Equipment - The On It Foundation
Computers with at least a Pentium III Processor can be donated to the On It Foundation, which provides computers and Internet access to low-income families.

Books - International Book Project
The International Book Project will ship your old books for use in schools, orphanages, and libraries all around the world.

Sneakers - Let Me Play
Old sneakers (the rubber part) is used to create play surfaces for kids around the world.

Furniture - Help 1 Up
The NFBA (National Furniture Bank Association) will give your couch and other furniture to anyone who needs it including domestic violence victims.

Cell Phones - Collective Good
At Collective Good, you choose the charity, such as the Center for Domestic Violence Prevention, that your donation of a used phone will support.

Random Knickknacks - Excess Access
Got something you don't know what to do with, but you're sure someone would want? Excess Access matches your items with local nonprofit wish lists.

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