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Life is Short

Joseph loved, honored, and respected his father, so he introduced his father to Pharaoh. This most powerful man in the world, Pharaoh, asked Jacob a common question, "How old are you?" Jacob was an old man who lived a hard life. It was right for Pharaoh to admire him.

Jacob counted the length of his life in days. But a day is short, it ends quickly. Yet, we can live only one day at a time. All our days add up to a lifetime. Even though Jacob had lived for 130 years, he said his days were few. This means that life just doesn't last long enough.

Jacob told Pharaoh that his life was a pilgrimage (a journey or trip to someplace very special). He saw himself as a stranger in this world. He was traveling to his real home in God. This earth was like a hotel to Jacob. It was not his home. This is true of all people who have come to know God as Jacob did. We are sojourners. That means we are not here to stay. We will only live a short time and then spend forever with God in Heaven!

Next time, you hear yourself complaining about how short life is remember that life here on earth is temporary. This life is just the beginning. We are here a short time -- a very short time -- but to balance our short life on earth we have a long life waiting for us in God, in Heaven if we just believe!

Based on the scripture Genesis 47.

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