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Daily Living - 1/25/09

I finally found someone to drive us to the hospital and I finally found someone to watch Renee (foster daughter) and I finally had the dreaded talk with the children.

We, my children and I, are going later today to see their grandmother who is dying of lung cancer. The family was finally told that she will not survive the year. Many of the family members think she will not be coming home from the hospital. How do you relay that to two young children?

As we sat and cried and I answered their questions and dried their tears, I did my best to reassure them that we can handle this. Not sure if the reassurance was for them or for me.

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Hi Storm,
sorry to hear this sad news. I know it is hard to deal with, my Mom had cancer also. Good way to teach children about God though. May God be with all of you and send His comforting angels to guard and guide you through this.
Wishing all of you a good good day !

Storm said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, dear. My children do believe in God and they do believe in the power of prayer.

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