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Tuesday Toot #5

This week my daughter deserves the praise.

She is the first second grader ever to earn 100 points in one semester at her school. (Approximately, 100 points is a whole school year goal for 2nd and 3rd graders.) Whoo hoo! On Friday, Cassandra and I will be heading to a special breakfast hosted by the school and her teacher in her honor.

Since I am trying to learn to toot my own horn, my toot this week is . . . I'm getting back to my regular schedule (or, at least trying to) and I did attend Occupational Therapy yesterday to start the progress of healing.

Go to Mommy Community to cheer on others as they praise their friends, family, and themselves.

4 cherished words:

Pamela Kramer said...

Way to go Cassandra! Kudos to you and way to get that therapy going. Toot Toot!

Teresa said...

Congrats Cassandra.

Fearless Mom said...

good for both of you

Storm said...

Thanks, Pamela, Teresa, and Pam, for the praises for me and my daughter.

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