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Help Parker

Have you met Parker? He is the precious and medically fragile 4 year young boy whose smile blesses the 5 Minutes for Special Needs home page.
Parker’s list of medical challenges seems endless, as do his list of medical bills. (His parents have insurance, but that only covers some of the costs.)
Sadly, Parker is in the hospital again.

So often we read about children like Parker and think we wish we could help. But this time we can help in a simple way. 5 Minutes for Mom created a games page where the advertising revenue earned while the games are being played will go to Parker. It’s not much… but every penny counts, right?

And whenever you need a little break, play a few games.

Games: Playing for Parker

2 cherished words:

Teresa said...

I'm going to play. tfs

Storm said...

Thanks, Teresa, for helping Parker and his family.

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