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Thought of the Day - 1/24/09

Promise Messages

Make these promises to yourself. Then do them! You are worth it! You will be a better person to yourself and to those around you.

Be mischievous . . . it feels good.
Sometimes one smile smile means more than a dozen roses.
If they can do it, you know you can.
Go against the grain.
You are allowed to do nothing.
Follow your instincts.
Watch reruns; they replay your memories.
Don't think about it so much.
Count the stars.
Make a list of your dreams.
Smile before bed. You'll sleep better.
Smile. People will wonder what you've been up to.
It's definitely a bubble-bath day.
Make a list of your dreams.
Find your passion.
Dare to love completely.
Love without rules.
Go against the grain.
Make "someday" today.
There's no excuse not to dream.

2 cherished words:

Teresa said...

So true TFS

Storm said...

Did you make a promise to yourself, Teresa? Did you keep the promise?

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