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Wordless Wednesday #22

After five hours and tired hands, Cassandra's corn-rows were done. Our neighbor, Ms. Liz, was very kind to take the time to do Cassandra's hair this past fall.

Isn't she beautiful?

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5 cherished words:

pam said...

Wow, I had no idea it took so long.

She looks very happy, I also like the bright blue, contrasting in her dark hair.

Ann said...

She is adorable! Beauty takes time...5 hours, labors of love.

It's worth it, look at that smile.

I'm having a Valentine's give-a-way on my blog, come on over and check it out. :D

Storm said...

She was so excited for well over a week. Yes, its a beautiful smile.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Teresa said...

She looks beautiful.TFS

Storm said...

Yes, she is beautiful with or without corn-rows.

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