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Aloha Friday #6

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is a day to take it easy and look forward to the weekend so Kailani at An Island Life thought that Fridays should be easy posting day too. I’ll ask a simple question. You respond with an answer, nothing that requires a lengthy response.

This week's question:

What's your favorite cleaning product? Why?

To participate and see other questions, go to Aloha Friday.

5 cherished words:

Betty said...

This sounds like fun. :)

shopannies said...

I love a mixture of vinegar and water helps clean alot up and is not harmful

NateAndJakesMom said...

I know it isn't "green" but I love Clorox Cleaner. I use it all over my kitchen. It makes me feel better since the kitchen is supposedly dirtier than your bathroom.

Sharinskishe said...

Vinegar is mine too. So many ways to use it.

Thanks for the question.


Storm said...

It is a fun meme, Betty.

Thanks for participating in the Aloha Friday meme with me, ladies.

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