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Poverty . . . To Be or Not To Be

I'm 41, got a net worth of $0. Poverty is a subsidized house, an old used car with dents, dings, & rust, Goodwill & yard sale & passed down clothing, no money to travel & play, no money to save or invest, no retirement, no safety net, nothing.

I was recently told I don't know what poverty is. Most people who know me don't know I'm poor because this is not a fact to share with your neighbors, fellow PTO members, friends . . . even family.

I don't want to continually justify myself to others. I don't choose to be poor but I am. I don't choose to not be able to work a regular full-time job due to various health issues but I am not able to work. I don't choose to not have the financial help from the fathers of my children but I am a single mother.

I wouldn't change anything because I am home with my children when they need me. I wish I had better health, I wish the father's would pay their child support, I wish I had more money for basics.

I may not be able to go out to a restaurant for dinner, I may not be able to afford luxuries like a cellular phone, I may not be able to sign my kids up for fun activities like dance or karate. But I'd rather be poor and home for my children.

I may be poor but I am not low class.

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The Mad White Woman said...

Storm, we must come from the same mold. This post could have been written by me. The only difference is the health issues. I don't have any, just can't find anything I am willing to commit to for 8 hours a day that I will get *some* enjoyment from. Hence my reasons for freelancing right now to give that a go.

Keep rockin girlfriend! This post alone made me want to stalk ya now LOL!


Debbie said...

Life is hard enough without feeling like we have to justify ourselves.

Being there for your family - without "stuff" - is what they will remember. It matters. It matters very much!

Wanted to stop by via UBP. This post spoke to me.

ElsklingDyr said...

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog. We sound similar in many ways.Christian, Fibro, can't work (don't want to anyway!), etc. I do have a very loving and supportive husband and I love staying home with my kids!! Keep going sister! Come back and visit me again.

Delaney said...

There is such disparity in this country between the haves and have nots that it is easier for the haves to oversimplify why "poor people" are poor. They tend to not take in all circumstances that people face and that not everyone has it easy. I grew up as a poor kid and never envied the other kids that much because other things mean more than having lots of "stuff" and your kids will grow up knowing that and appreciating it as well as having a respect for what you do have.

Never be ashamed as you have no reason to be.

Tami said...

"I may be poor but I am not low class". Hit the nail right on the head. You are an amazing woman. I'd rather do without and be there for my children, then have it all and my children wonder if they were ever loved.

Teresa said...

Storm you are a great mom and you have a beutiful home. Luxuries in life are not everything and I would take spending time with my kids over anything else.

Beverlydru said...

I've always aspired to be "rich towards God." To be rich in the things that count. You will never regret being there for your children.

Storm said...

Thanks, ladies, for the encouragement. Thank you, all, very deeply, for not judging me.

Good luck with freelancing, Kim.

Thanks, Debbie, for the boost. You are correct, "stuff" doesn't matter.

Hi, Stacy. I am glad you have a supportive husband. That is important when you are a stay-at-home mother.

Delaney, thanks for allowing me to vent and sharing your story.

Tami, you are too kind. Thanks, dear.

Thanks, Teresa, for your continued support and love.

Beverly, it is true that I will not regret my decision to be "there" for my children.

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