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How Often Should You Blog?

Although there isn't an exact science when it comes to how often you should post, it is a good idea to post regularly. I personally try to post 3-4 times a week. Since I use Blogger, I also have the ability to schedule my posts -- which I love.

When you start to build up a readership, you need to post regularly to keep them coming back. But don't start posting dozens of times a day, or your blog may be seen as Spam by the search engines and this could have a serious effect on your ranking.

After you have been posting for a while you will find your own formula for posting simply by keeping track of the results you receive.

3 cherished words:

Jennifer said...

I try to post everyday, but I'm finding that almost impossible, what with a baby, a household and trying to redesign my blog by myself! :-)

pam said...

Great tips!!

I love blogging and I love my readers.

Storm said...

Jennifer, real life does take priority. I want to post every day too which is why I started the Thought of the Day series.

Thanks, Pam, for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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