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What I Need

What I Need . . . According to Google

Put your name in a google search box followed by the word 'needs' and post the first ten things that the search comes up with. Then comment on each of them (if you'd like).

1. Storm needs a bailout.
I do need a break from being a single mother, a little pampering.

2. Storm needs a bailout and stimulus package. Already mentioned the pampering and some money would never hurt.

3. Storm needs work to fix Loch.

4. Storm needs vcast video.
I need the electronic first.

5. Storm needs donations.
Though, true; this is not how I would ask. : )

6. Storm needs now.
Not sure what I need now, except some sleep.

7. Storm needs ISP action.
True, I do need my Internet to work.

8. Storm needs to take two.
Two what exactly?

9. Storm needs the flight control.
I, Storm, do not know how to fly so please, I beg you, do not give me flight control.

10. Storm needs a drummer.
Not sure why I need a drummer at this point in my life. But, I hope, the rest of the band shows up with the drummer.

I got this idea from The Italian Bella Diaries.

2 cherished words:

~ Italian Bella ~ said...

Thank you for checking out my blog. It takes awhile but I always respond to my blog comments! I enjoyed this activity and realize that google is not in touch with my needs at all!

Storm said...

Obviously, Google has no idea what my needs are either. Lol.

Thanks for stopping by, dear. I hope you visit again soon.

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