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100 Things To Do

I am constantly amazed when I hear people, adults and children alike, say they are bored. Who has time to be bored? There is always things to do, some fun things, some mundane things, but things to do. Jokingly and to just to prove my point, I said I could come with a list of 100 things to do . . .

  1. Read emails.
  2. Reply to emails.
  3. Write new emails.
  4. Create a new blog.
  5. Write a blog entry for current blog(s).
  6. Go blog hopping.
  7. Call friends.
  8. Call family.
  9. Play Solitaire.
  10. Do puzzle books.
  11. Play card games with kids.
  12. Play board games with kids.
  13. Read a magazine.
  14. Read a book.
  15. Read a book with kids.
  16. Do flashcards (math facts) with kids.
  17. Clean bathroom.
  18. Clean kitchen.
  19. Clean laundry area.
  20. Clean living/family room.
  21. Clean bedroom.
  22. Clean second bedroom.
  23. Clean third bedroom.
  24. Clean basement.
  25. Sweep front porch.
  26. Sweep back porch.
  27. Clean out garage.
  28. Wash laundry.
  29. Dry laundry.
  30. Fold laundry.
  31. Put laundry away.
  32. Scrub walls.
  33. Vacuum.
  34. Clean out refrigerator.
  35. Go for a walk.
  36. Go for a walk with kids.
  37. Do stretches (from OT and PT).
  38. Exercise.
  39. Ride a bike.
  40. Go bicycling with kids.
  41. Go bowling.
  42. Write a letter.
  43. Write a poem.
  44. Write a list of things to do.
  45. Write goals.
  46. Write up a budget.
  47. Learn something new.
  48. Attend local community class on topic of your choice.
  49. Create cards.
  50. Create scrapbook pages.
  51. Create ATCs (artist trading cards(.
  52. Send RAK (random acts of kindness).
  53. Organize scrapbook supplies.
  54. Scan cards, scrapbooks pages, and other art.
  55. Upload art and photographs to online site.
  56. Scrapbook with kids
  57. Draw or do other art.
  58. Draw or do other art with kids.
  59. Read a newspaper.
  60. Listen to the radio.
  61. Watch TV.
  62. Watch TV with kids.
  63. Watch a movie.
  64. Watch a movie with kids.
  65. Record new outgoing message for cell phone.
  66. Record new outgoing message for house phone.
  67. Surf the Internet.
  68. Play games on the Internet.
  69. Read mail at groups.
  70. Find Internet groups to join.
  71. Bake cookies, brownies, etc.
  72. Bake with kids.
  73. Cook.
  74. Cook with kids.
  75. Go grocery shopping.
  76. Go to the local park.
  77. Go to school playground.
  78. Go to the store, any store.
  79. Go to the post office.
  80. Take pictures.
  81. Upload pictures to computer.
  82. Make phone calls for appointments.
  83. Write in journal.
  84. Write in kids' daily activity notebook.
  85. Pray.
  86. Pray with kids.
  87. Do meditation.
  88. Do meditation with kids.
  89. Do research to find a new church home.
  90. Read the Bible.
  91. Read the Bible with kids.
  92. Update kids' chore charts.
  93. Organize papers.
  94. Find new clients/customers for Usborne Books and Memory Works.
  95. Find new clients for advocacy work.
  96. Volunteer.
  97. Clean windows.
  98. Wash the dishes.
  99. Dry the dishes.
  100. Put the dishes away.
  101. Send a text message.
  102. Plant a garden.
  103. Go on a nature hike with kids.
  104. Go on a scavenger hunt with kids.
  105. Go on a picture scavenger hunt with kids.
  106. Give kids a hug.
  107. Give kids a kiss.
  108. Snuggle with kids.
  109. Take a shower.
  110. Take a bath.

I was pretty proud of myself for being able to come up with over 100 things to do in less than 5 minutes. Now write your own list of 100 things to do so next time someone says, there is nothing to do, you can tell them to read your list.

2 cherished words:

Teresa said...

Great job on your list. I might just try this on my blog.

Storm said...

I look forward to reading your 100 Things To Do list, Teresa. Can you beat my 110? : )

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