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Locking Lips Boasts Health Advantages

We've all heard things like kissing burns calories (2 to 3 per minute), and generally boosts our self esteem (how could a smooch or two not?). But consider this:

Did you know that we use 30 facial muscles when kissing (or furthermore, that we even have 30 facial muscles)? Say goodbye to baggy cheeks.

The extra saliva produced during a kiss helps break down oral plaque.

Kissing creates adrenaline, which prompts your heart to pump more blood through your body. Allegedly, frequent kissing has been scientifically proven to decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, too.

Nervous System
Kissing is said to calm your mind by increasing levels of oxytocin, a calming hormone, which creates a "peaceful feeling."

That said, what are you waiting for?! Grab your loved one and help give each other a little lift of health (and love)!

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