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Around the 'Net - Planet Giggle

Once you arrive on Planet Giggle you are instructed to stay tuned to GiggleVision, the alternative to television, a media where you 'Dream it! Believe it! Create it! Got it!' This interactive site helps kids and teens begin on a lifelong course to realize their dreams. The developers quit their regular jobs, "loaded up an RV and traveled across the country in search of kids who could inspire the world to live their dreams, . . . [kids who could] inspire YOU to get off your bum and get out there to discover your own dreams!" You'll have access to Kidvision, actual examples of kids who are changing the world with their dreams, suggestions for helping you 'Color Outside the Lines,' taking a traditional idea and putting your own twist on it, links to other creative sites, and an opportunity to share your dreams with other teens. Tune in soon so you can really 'Get It!'

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