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Different Sides of Me

This barely counts as a post.  My apologies. No real reason. No life shattering drama, just a rough day in the life of this Mom. My world isn't so different from yours. It's not more difficult. It's not busier. It's just life, and life today -- and the past several days -- was hard.

I was not a great Mom today, and it was one of those tough days where I didn't care . . . at least, not at the time. Now I feel the pangs of guilt, the sting of my tone, and pray for the hope of short memories. I am sorry for them and to you. But there it is.

Let me just ask you this ---> Are you friends with those in your own home? Are you friends with your family?

Today I would have to say "no".

I have a bad habit of being too real with the sweet people who share my immediate space.

On more than one occasion my friend has said, "You don't talk to others this way."

She is right. I am not confrontational. I am regretfully happy. I am not so easily angered. I don't get my feelings hurt very often. I love my friends, and I want them to love me.

At home, I AM different than my public persona.  Maybe more real, but certainly less long-suffering.

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