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PLR Gift and How to Use It

Private label rights content, better known as PLR, is the best go between for days you just don’t want to write up full blog posts on your own but you don’t want to publish "copy and paste" stuff or use other people’s work either. You can get PLR pretty inexpensively from various places on a variety of topics. Sometimes, you get sweet deals like the FREE PLR below.

Computer Buying Tips
This is a report which you can break up into smaller chunks to make a blog series or add to your freebie list.

It is best you read the can and cannots by the PLR provider before you use them. Generally, they are pretty liberal with the terms. Some suggestions on using the above PLR:

  • Break it up into chunks to make a nice week-long series of posts.
  • Break it up into chunks to feed into your email autoresponder as a mini-ecourse.
  • Use is as a freebie download with or without subscribing to your email list.
  • Send it to your customers or list subscribers as a bonus or thank you.
  • Make an audio or video recording based on the reports.
  • You could do more than one of the above. Don't limit yourself.

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