Amber Alert

Life Journal #1

Today's date:  10/3/10

Today I feel good about:  getting all of the laundry done, scrubbing the entry way, spending time with Cassandra going through books, not losing my cool with Cameron, getting some more stuff better organized.

Something new I experienced today:  An email from an old friend.

Today's news and weather happenings:  I didn't listen to the news today.  The weather is cold, raining, chilly.

People who touched my life today:  Cassandra helped with chores around the house without a fuss.

I was fortunate to receive today: Kisses and hugs from Cassandra, phone calls from my boyfriend, the grace of God to live another day.

What I did to touch someone's life today:  Prayed for others.

Plans for a better tomorrow:  Prayers that Cameron will be in a better mood.

Notes and Thoughts: 
Killing bugs and spiders is not in my job description (as a single mom).  Ugh. 
The sunsets are beautiful.  Need to take more photos of the sunsets.
I love Alan Free with all my heart!

Won't you join me in journaling your day?  Let me know in the comments section if you do this life journal so I can visit your blog.

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