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Test Your Parenting Knowledge

True or False?

  1. Most children would do almost anything to get the attention of adults they love.
  2. By the time a child is two years old, he understands, at least, 200 words.
  3. Young children don't pay attention when adults around them are arguing.
  4. Law states that children cannot stay alone until they are 12 years old.
  5. When parents divorce, it's a good idea for them to confide in their children so the kids understand what the parents are going through.

  1. True -- Even when children misbehave, they are getting attention from adults around them.  When we give them attention for good behavior, it's more likely they will continue to behave appropriately.
  2. True -- Most children understand up to 300 words by the time they are two years old.  Children understand many more words than they speak.
  3. False -- Kids see and hear lots more than we'd sometimes like.  Even if parents  try to hid what's going on, kids usually understand much more about adult tension than we might guess.  It is important to handle disagreements with as little yelling as possible and with absolutely no violence.
  4. False -- There is no specific age stated in many states' laws.  Parents need to consider many factors before leaving a child alone after school or while they are out for the evening.  The age at which children can stay alone varies based on the maturity of the child, the home environments, expectations of parents, and other factors.
  5. False -- Parents should give children age-appropriate explanation for the changes in their lives but not take the place of adult friendships for support.  It's important that kids not feel that they have to take care of their parents when the kids need help themselves.

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