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I hate feeling lonely and being alone.

I am a single mother and I haven't been on a date in over six years. Not that it was really a date, we went out once so he could call it quits; though, we stayed in often.

The man I am "seeing" now is not leading-man-in-a-romantic-movie handsome. His appeal doesn't come from the outside, but I find his solid stockiness and his receding hairline endearing. He is safe and comforting, like a favorite teddy bear. Unfortunately, I only get to see him every few months because he is so busy (translation: a workaholic). But we never go out; we just hang out at my house.

Why is it that men don't "wine and dine" women anymore? They just want companionship when they want it, on their schedule. Is it so wrong to want to be able to go out and have fun without my children?

I to have to say he does make me laugh and we can talk about anything & everything. We are still learning about each other. I love his sense of humor, his confidence, his down-to-earth style.

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