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Do You Want FREE Products?

Getting stuff for free is just plain fun! For most of us, money is tight and we have to work hard for every penny. So when we get something for free – well it is like someone just gave us back a bit of that time we spent working.

But most often, people aren’t just handing out free stuff. And if they are – well, that is just a little suspicious. Don’t take candy from strangers, right?

But there are reasons companies give away their products. One of them is to get people’s reviews and opinions.

She Speaks is a new online network that does just that -- it allows women to provide companies with feedback on their products.

The bonus for you is you get to try out (and keep) products and services for free! All you have to do is fill out a quick online feedback form once you have used the product.

If you are a female, US resident over the age of 18, you can join She Speaks for FREE by logging on to She Speaks and completing a short profile.

The profile tells She Speaks about the member’s interests and hobbies. Based on this information, She Speaks targets members with products and services of interest to try (and keep) free of charge. Once the member tries the product, they can come back and let She Speaks know what they think of the product. Did the member love it or hate it? Either way, they want to know. She Speaks shares this anonymous feedback with the company that makes the product or service. The company then tells She Speaks how the members have influenced their thinking about the product and She Speaks lets the members know.

I can tell you that there are household name goods lined up for cosmetics, hair care, wine, magazines, food, snacks, etc. I've personally tried Steam 'n Mash potatoes, Ghiradelli chocolate, lipstick, and a woman's magazine. Members receive the full product (and in most cases two full products) as if they had bought it in a store. They also receive a discount token for themselves for their first purchase and either a free sample or a discount for friends (as many friends as they choose to share it with.)

As far as I can tell – it is totally safe and all it will “cost” you is the time it takes to fill in the online feedback form. That sounds pretty darn “FREE” to me!

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