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Lifeguard by James Patterson and Andrew Gross

"Working as a lifeguard at a Florida resort, Ned Kelly meets a woman he is wild about, the woman of his dreams. It feels perfect in every way -- except she prefers caviar and Manolo Blahniks and he is used to burgers and flip-flops. She is a guest at a luxurious hotel and he lives above a garage. So when Ned's cousin offers to cut him in on a rich deal he's been commissioned to execute, Ned can't turn him down. The plan is simple, just a fast break-and-enter. The risk is high and the reward even greater -- $5 million. But on the night of the heist, something goes devastatingly wrong. Ned walks away from his job, his town, and the woman he's fallen in love with. Runs away, actually, knowing that only velocity and secrecy can save his life. But who is pursuing him? The FBI? Whoever sabotaged the heist? Or is all somehow tied into his new love and his oldest enemies?"

Patterson lives up to his reputation with this fast pace and hairpin-turning plot. The twists just kept coming.

Rating (1, lowest; 5, highest): 5

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