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I'm Thankful For - 5/14/07

Yesterday was Mother's Day and since my children are young and I am a single mother, we don't really do anything special to celebrate this day.
Yes, I love the handmade cards Cameron made for me and the huge smile & hug I got from Cassandra. But I wanted a special day just for me.
As the day moved forward, three unexpected things happened (yesterday and today). Its these three things I write about now . . .

I am thankful for . . .

  1. The pleasant and delightful call from Texas. I love hearing Cheryl's southern twang and her love in her voice for me. Thanks, Cheryl, for a truly nice surprise. Who would of thought that a member of my Yahoo group would call me? For Mother's Day?
  2. The thoughtful call from my friend, Art. Art has proven not to be the most considerate person but still a kind friend. His call to wish me kind words for Mother's Day was truly caring.
  3. The crossing guard, Sandy, near my children's school was so kind to me today. She bought me a small book titled, Feasting on God's Grace, and wrote a sweet note saying I was "doing a great job with my children." Her generosity brought tears to my eyes.

My day was special after all!

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