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Does Worrying about Money Help?

Does worrying about money help?

Let's look at this critter, "worry," for a few minutes. What does he add to our lives? I know when I am worried about something I focus on it, I think about it, I obsess about it, I loose sleep over it, I concentrate on it, I worry about it.

Hmmmmmm - what did that get me? The problem is still as clear as mud. I have a headache. I am tired. And I am still worried. Lot of good that worry did me. Lol!

Worry uses up our energies.

Worry takes away our sleep.

Worry takes away our appetite.

Worry solves nothing.

Worry can be addictive (it's easy to get used to worrying all the

So, let's stop old man worry right dead in his tracks. There is no point in worrying anymore today. (If you really miss him, you can worry again tomorrow.

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