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Font Tutorial - Part Three

I found a cool font site. What do I do now?

Click on the graphic for the font you want to download. The download should start automatically.

A little gray screen will open called File Download. It asks, What would you like to do with this file? Your two choices are: Open or Save. Click the button next to "Save it to disk." Then click ok.

Then a window will appear called Save As. Choose the directory where you want to save the zipped font file, such as the new folder we created in the first section. Click the drop-down menu at the top of the Save As screen. Choose (C: ). Then double-click the folder where you want the font file saved.

The file name should be in the "file name" bar near the bottom. Click save. Then your computer will start the saving process. Click OK to close the download window.

Congratulations, you just downloaded something! Now, to find it again...

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