Amber Alert


A few days ago I talked to dear friend I hadn't talked to since December. (and before that it had been over a year ) and I got to thinking about friendships.

I wondered why friendships seem to feel so perfect sometimes and other times they seem to be filled with pain. Misunderstandings and mistakes do have a toll when they test the relationship. As I get older I am less fraught with fear when it happens, but I am still worried. All the same, once I make it through those hard times I find that my trust increases and I am less likely to wonder at my friend's actions or reactions. I am a very independent woman and have been for many years, but I still need friends and friendship.

I need true friends, not acquaintances, not passing friends. I've noticed lately that friendships, in general, seem to be made quickly and not with the whole heart.

I have made friends and some have stood up in the face of tests and I feel much better, like I am not alone. I am lucky that my best friend is nearby and that no matter where I live or how many times I move I will have her.
We have enjoyed laughs and suffered misunderstandings. Although I have once or twice wondered at her motives, I have always been pleased to find out that her motives were kind. What more could I ask for?

Are You a True Friend?

Do You Value Your Friendships?

Do You Enjoy Your Friendships?

2 cherished words:

Sara said...

You are very lucky with your friend. I'm very cautious in making friends, then when I finally come around to opening up, I'm devastated when, inevitably that friendship goes sour.

I think people like the pretend me better :o) lol.

Storm said...

Friendships are hard work but well worth the effort in the long run.

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