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What is the Purpose of Campaign Ads?

What I don't like about many of the presidential (or any political office) advertisements is the put downs and rude comments. An ad that Hillary Clinton recently released shows a young girl, Casey Knowles, sleeping soundly in bed. This ad is the worst because I believe it's fear-mongering.

The purpose of the ad was to emphasize Clinton's experience and to show that she is a strong national security candidate. The ad was a play on a 1980s-era advertisement with a similar theme: if there was a middle-of-the-night national security emergency, who would you want to have answer the phone and deal with it?

I think instigating fear is wrong. I think it's a cheap hit to take.

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Bad Momma said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I am not a fan of political ads and tune them out. I hope things get settled before they get too ugly.

O.K. - that being said.... Great Blog Party, huh? Nice to meet you too!

jennwa said...

It is hard to get any kind of useful info in 30 seconds or less. I do not really like political ads.

Frances said...

Evening! Thanks for stopping in at my blog.
I noticed you have a Shelfari; I set one up recently. It's a lot of fun.
I love the description in your header.
Have a marvelous time at the party!

4funboys said...

I agree... it's sad that are choices are now limited to "the lesser of several evils"...

Carey said...

Hi. Its nice to meet you! Great party huh?
I have a friend that lives in Butler, Pa..pretty cool!
Stop on by my blog if you get a chance.

Sara said...

I totally agree with you, I wish they'd just sell themselves, and not spend so much time talking about how retarded the other runner is. So unattractive.

Storm said...

Thanks, all, for leaving me some comments.

Frances,thanks for the compliment about the description.

Small world, huh, Carey?

Thanks for not being offended by my post.

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