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Although I have been a part of a few different industries there is always a common thread running between them... Education and Psychology. I have this quirky need to help otherrs.

I started out as an early childhood teacher teaching preschool and then becoming a director for a day care center. Then I taught elementary school... 1, 2, and 5th grades. Then I got into teaching adults in areas of parenting, writing resumes, organizational skills, vocational resources, Christmas decor, and advocacy. I still do this but also use my knowledge and teacher "bag of tricks" with my children. Though, my children attend public school, we do have "school" time at home during the weekends and holidays to reiterate the skills they have learned (1 child has severe mental health issues, 1 child is gifted).

Now I do Educational Advocacy work.

My love of scrapbooking had led me to teaching through direct sales companies as well as my own company, DawnLyn's Designs.

2 cherished words:

We are THAT Family said...

That is amazing. I am so impressed. What a perfect gift you have to teach your children!

Storm said...

I'm sure my children don't see it that way. :) It's nice to have such a varied background.

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