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Thank Them

Can you imagine what it was like to be in a landing craft approaching Omaha Beach on D-Day with bullets pinging off the doors you're about to rush through? Can you imagine a young man in the prime of life, charging a hill in Vietnam while under fire? Can you imagine what it was like to be patrolling hostile desert territory in Iraq or Afghanistan, senses on fire as you scan every ridge, boulder, and cave?

Powerful images of these events and more are contained in the tribute. By combining them with photos of civilians holding signs of thanks, ThankThem4 provides everyone with a simple yet very meaningful way to personally thank the troops for their tremendous sacrifices. is a site that allows you to create a free custom greeting that can be sent to your friends, family members, veterans and active duty personnel.

The goal is to send 50,000 tributes by Memorial Day and to raise contributions to military-support groups via links provided on the site.

Supporting the troops is something we can ALL agree on.

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science for kids said...

I have to admit I never did think too much about my freedom until I started dating my now fiance. He was in the Army for years, and did many of the conflicts pre 9/11 that many citizens do not know about.
I thank him and all service men and women for the freedom they give me.

Storm said...

Being a solider myself (in a previous life it seems) it's hearbreaking to see how many Americans take advantage of the freedom they have.

God bless all the troops in all the military branches, both in war and not, for standing up for our freedom!

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