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Thursday Thirteen #3

13 Things I Do On The Computer On A Daily Basis

  1. Read my personal emails.
  2. Reply to my personal emails.
  3. Read my group's emails.
  4. Reply to my group's emails.
  5. Read the comments for all three of my blogs.
  6. Moderate the comments for all three of my blogs.
  7. Listen to my playlists.
  8. Read the blog entries for my favorite blogs.
  9. Comment on the blog entries of my favorite blogs.
  10. Write, at least, one blog entry for, at least, one of my blogs.
  11. Go blog hopping.
  12. Get Christmas ideas for my Christmas blog.
  13. Get scrapbooking ideas for my scrapbooking blog.

5 cherished words:

Monday through Sunday said...

Sounds a lot like me..what did I do before blogging and my computer...mmm!

Love Usborne books!!

Carol said...

That's enough to keep one's mouse busy for a day!

Aimeepalooza said...

Holy smokes! That's a lot of time on the computer. I can barely manage to write a post and visit all my favorite blogs!

Storm said...

Yes, it seems like a lot of time, Aimeepalooza, but I can get it all done within 2 hours or so.

bernieg1 said...

Great list, mine is up at Top 13 Boys Names for 2007

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