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Tuesday Toot #2

Not often as a mom -- especially a single mom -- do I "toot my own horn" so joining in the Tuesday Toot is a good thing to do for my self-esteem (or rather lack of self-esteem). I am so amazed at all the gracious and kind comments I received last week during my first Tuesday Toot. Thanks, ladies.

This week's toots:

  • I was able to help my friend, Teresa, start a blog of her own, 8 Things About Me.
  • I finished the school year where I volunteered most every week in the first grade classroom helping with the AR (Accelerated Reading) quizzes and classes.
  • I was able to advocate on behalf of my son and his special needs.

2 cherished words:

Jessica said...

Good job! Worthwhile accomplishments!

Cathy/ Mommy Motivation said...

What a great list! You volunteer nearly every week in grade 1?!?! I'm an admirer. :)

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