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Tonight is National Mom's Nite Out

Tonight is the First Annual National Mom's Nite Out! When they first pondered the idea of orchestrating one night for moms to celebrate motherhood, no one could have imagined that a simple idea could go so far. As of today, there are over 1,000 different celebrations, parties, and events happening throughout the US . . . and those are only ones we've been told about. Large social media groups such as MomLogic, Divine Caroline, The Motherhood, Twitter Moms, 5 Minutes for Mom,, and, are all participating virtually in Mom's Nite Out. Over 200 mom groups, websites, and bloggers have joined together to promote and support National Moms Nite Out. They estimate that 10 million+ moms will participate in some way in this event.

If you blog, vlog, facebook, or tweet they hope you will recognize the sponsors (or better yet, tell them thank you with the power of the purse). Companies such as Simon Malls, Children's Orchard, Little Debbie, Bounce U, Pump It Up, Jose Cuervo, Ragu, Making Life Better, One Step Ahead, and many others have all shown how much they appreciate Moms.

There will be ten sites that will be streaming live content from their parties so you can see moms across the US and join in via the Internet. Visit or to watch.

Happy Mother's Day and Celebrate Moms!

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