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Be an Advocate For Your Child!

Good special education services are intensive and expensive. Resources are limited. If you have a child with special needs, you may wind up battling the school district for the services your child needs. To prevail, you need information, skills, and tools. These articles will help.

* Getting Started *

In "Advocating for Your Child: Getting Started" at you will learn about different types of advocates and what advocates do.

You'll find that advocacy is not a mysterious process. The article includes a quick overview of advocacy skills. Many of these skills will be familiar to you.

* Planning *

If you are like many parents, you are confused about your role.

In "Planning is the Key to Success" at we give you an overview of what you need to learn and how to ensure that the school provides your child with quality, appropriate special education services. Learn about long-range planning, your role as project manager, and a recommended program of self-study.

* Tips for Taking Care of Yourself *

Because advocating for your child can be difficult and frustrating, we offer some tips for taking care of yourself at

Learn more about effective parent advocacy at

For more resources, check out the From Emotions to Advocacy website at

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