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Around the 'Net - is excited to announce that they have merged,, and into!

The combined community at now has 270,000+ members and 750,000+ posts on hundreds of family-related forums at

They now have the Internet's best family-focused blogs at with 20,000+ entries and about 50 new entries per day.

They have a great money-saving and couponing community at and a coupon database with 7,000+ entries.

Members can now create tickers ( and counters ( that can be customized and added to signatures or other websites. These tickers and counters count the amount of time that has elapsed since or time that is left until and important event, such as a birth, a holiday or a birthday.

As always, members can share journals and photos with family and friends at They've recently upgraded to integrate with MySite, so when as you add photos to your MySite, you can select a category for the photo that can be browsed in the Photos section.

They've also recently launched Local at Go and introduce yourself on your local forum, and get to know other members in your area.

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