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God's Valentine's Day Gift to You - His Word

Keep yourselves in the love of God… Jude 1:21

When it comes to focus in our lives, our Lord makes it clear that of all his commandments, "the greatest of these is love." (1 Corinthians 13:1) No other topic is mentioned and discussed more in the Bible. Loving can be both a joy and a challenge.

While the world directs attention to romantic love on one special holiday, St. Valentine's Day, we believe that loving one another is a reflection of one's fundamental values. Practically applying love in and for life requires commitment, growth and sometimes help.

Love too deserves to be celebrated! We have selected a special collection of resources that can enhance the diverse aspects of love in your life, from Love for the Father to Loving Yourself and Loving Others in your life! If you're giving a gift this holiday, we suggest considering one that can have a much longer impact; and an eternal one!

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