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The Maze

While recovering from surgery, I have had a lot more time to read and I love to read!

The Maze by Catherine Coulter

"Obsessed by her sister's death at the hands of an apparent serial killer, a brilliant young pianist dedicates her life to tracking down the murderer, only to become a target herself. Lacey Sherlock's life is forever changed when her beloved older sister's body is discovered in an abandoned warehouse with multiple stab wounds. Belinda is the fourth victim of the String Killer, the handle the media has given to the serial killer who leads his victims into a maze with a ball of twine. Seven years after Belinda's death, Lacey, now an FBI special agent, becomes a member of Dillon Savich's new Criminal Apprehension Unit (CAU), where he has programs to aid in the apprehension of serial killers. When the String Killer strikes again in Boston, Lacey immediately spots his handiwork, resulting in his capture. But did he really kill Belinda? Or was it someone closer to home? Together, Lacey and Dillion must discover the killer's true identity -- before they both become the next victims."

Coulter is one of my favorite authors, especially the Sherlock & Savich series. I love their characters, the in-depth look into their lives. It seems that Sherlock and Savich are real people with real feelings. I love it when an author can pull me in like that, as though I really know the characters as people. In this book, we are introduced to Sherlock (I've read the books out of order). This book is full of surprises and also delivers a love story.

Rating (1, lowest; 5, highest): 4

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