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Temporary Sanity

Temporary Sanity by Rose Conners

"When can a citizen become a killer? Is homicidal insanity ever a moral or legal justification for murder? What should a jury do when the facts are clear but they don't tell the real story? The charge is murder one. When Buck Hammond's seven-year-old son was raped and killed by pedophile Hector Monteros, Buck took justice into his own hands. Unfortunately, the TV cameras were rolling as Buck aimed his hunting rifle at Monteros's head. The only viable defense is insanity, bu the grieving father refuses to say he was crazy when he pulled the trigger. On the very eve of the trial, a battered and bleeding woman staggers into their office. She's in deep troulbe -- her attacker's body has just been found, viciously stabbed, and he's an officer of the court."

This is Conners second book. It took some dedication to get through the first couple of chapters but once I got engrossed in courtroom drama and suspense, it was worth reading.

Rating (1, lowest; 5, highest): 3

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