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All About the Christian Me

1. How long have you been a Christian?
I have believed in Him since I was a child and invited Him into my heart when I was baptized during the summer at a Christian camp in 1984 (I think.) I was baptized when I was a child because my younger sister was getting baptized and I didn't want her to be better than me. Because I was baptized for less than Christian reasons, I spoke to the minister/dean of the camp I was attending. He agreed to baptize me in the Holy Spirit. What a monumental, overwhelming feeling it was when I was raised out of the water. There is no words to describe this feeling of peace and faith.

2. What's your preference, hymns or modern worship music?
There are certain hymns that I adore (How Great Thou Art, Amazing Grace, etc). As a steady diet, I prefer the current praise and worship of contemporary Christian music.

3. Who is your favorite Christian artist?
Many of them: Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, Mercy Me, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Twila Paris, Darlene Zschech, and so many more.

4. List your top five favorite songs.
How Great is Our God sung by Chris Tomlin
Awesome God sung by Richard Mullins
I Can Only Imagine sung by Mercy Me
He's Alive sung by Don Francisco (the live version)
anything by Amy Grant (her old stuff)

5. What's the hardest lesson God has taught you?
Apart from Him, I am nothing.

6. Who has been your greatest Christian mentor?
No one, unfortunately. At one time I would of said my parents but then too many "bad" things happened. There are various online friends that are so uplifting, like Becky and Kim, and they are wonderful role models.

7. List a quality of your mentor that you'd most like to emulate.
I would like to have Christ-like characteristics, of course, like peace, patience, kindness, unconditional love, humility, graciousness, a meek & quiet spirit.

8. Who is your favorite Christian author?
My favorite non-fiction authors include James Dobson, Ruth Myers, Beth Moore, Elizabeth George, Max Lucado, Lisa Bevere, Rick Warren, Becky Terabassi, and Joel Osteen. I am sure I missing a person or two. Sorry about that. I have never read a fictitious Christian author. Whom do you recommend?

9. What is your favorite Christian book?
The Holy Bible, of course. I love reading the different translations. I have 5 different Bibles I use regularly. One of the last gifts my father bought me was a 4-in-1 Bible, called a parallel Bible, that has four different translations (the King James, the New International, The Living, and the Revised Standard) within one book.

10. Who is your favorite Christian speaker/pastor?
James Dobson, Joel Osteen, my old pastor James Harvey (now deceased).

11. How many times a week do you attend church?
Currently, we do not have a home church so we are not attending a church regularly.

12. What roles do you fill at your local church?
Currently, none. In the past, teacher, Sunday School Superintendent, church secretary, youth group leader, and more.

13. What is your favorite scripture?
Too many too list.

14. What is your favorite daily devotional?
31 Days of Praise by Ruth Myers.

15. What do you think you'll say to Jesus the first time you see Him in heaven?
I think I will be too choked up to say anything, especially at first. This question reminds me of the song "I Can Only Imagine." I get teary-eyed even now, just thinking about it.

16. If you could meet someone from the bible (besides Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit), who would you pick and why?
Is it really possible to choose only one person?! I would say at the top of my list is Mary (Jesus' mother), Noah, Job.

17. In five words, describe what you think heaven will be like.
This is a tough question. Glorious, enriching, enlightening, peaceful, exciting, loved. Oops... couldn't pick just 5.

18. When you get to heaven, which former humans do you want to see first?
My daddy, my other deceased relatives.

19. What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the church today? Hardened hearts and spiritual apathy.

20. What is your biggest challenge or temptation?
Procrastination, unimportant busy-ness, feeling loneliness.

21. What would you say God is calling you to do?
To be more diligent in my prayer life. To raise my children in the ways of the Lord.

22. What is the best piece of Christian advice you've heard lately?
Believe in the power of prayer.

23. Do you have a prayer request today?
That my children and I will walk in the direction He leads us and that we choose to remain in His will.

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