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Happy Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day this year, Yahoo! is focusing on one of the most important themes of environmentalism: Reuse. Check out the Yahoo! “Free is Good” microsite: The microsite features Freecycle and other Reuse groups. For those of you not familiar with Freecycle and other Reuse groups, these are groups that encourage people in local communities to give and receive “free” goods from their neighbors. To inspire more activity and encourage exploration of what these resuse groups have to offer, from now until May 4th, Yahoo! will “hide” special prizes in randomly selected Freecycle and other reuse groups posts. These prizes are specifically eco-friendly in nature (e.g. a Smart car, organic food delivery, eco-resort trip, concert tickets to Sheryl Crow, other locally relevant cool prizes, and my personal favorite – toilet paper – b/c that just isn’t reuseable!). Also featured on the “Free is Good” microsite are real stories from real people who have found “treasures” on Freecycle.

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