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Daily Living - 4/18/08

I have a prayer request. Actually, I have a bunch but am not going to bore everyone with such a long list. The main thing that needs prayers right now is my foster daughter. The story is below:

Doug, the father, forcibly took Renee from the house last night. Housing Authority caught up with him and told him he had to move so he came and took her. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of abuse or neglect with him so in two weeks they were going to close all the other cases (Renee had 4 pending cases) anyway. The problem is I don't believe he can take care of her. I know he cannot take care of her. In fact, she had two appointments today that have now been cancelled because he won't take her. Its down to my word vs. his word and since I am not the biological parent I don't have as much say as he does. So until they open a new case with someone else's complaint against Doug, Renee is gone. I am terribly upset and hurting for Renee.

This all happened after another emotional event. The children and I went to the playground after homework time and while there some other mothers were encouraging their children to fight and there were several fist fights. One of the kids that was getting beat up on was a friend of Cameron's. I stepped in and got the boy into my car and called the police. Then another mother started verbal fighting with me. Cameron was terribly, terribly upset. We will not go to that playground again. Ugh!

Neither of my children wanted to go to school today. They are at school but they are not happy.

The landlord decided he doesn't want his tenants to have pets so I have to find a home for Champ. I'm so heart broken and so are the children.

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