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Thank You Notes

I am a big advocate of thank you notes. Sometimes it takes a few months, unfortunately, to get the thank you card done and to the appropriate person, but I always do thank you cards. Some store bought, some hand made, some computer made.

I have some store bought ones that have blanks to fill in for the kids to do. The kids also make pictures that we add to the thank you notes. Sometimes the extra or duplicate photos get included too. I get a lot of compliments when we include the photos or the pictures the kids made.

I am very thankful and want to show my gratitude to my friends and family. I am just sometimes very slow at getting it done.

Do you do thank you notes?

3 cherished words:

Sniz said...

I love this idea. I used to be really good about thank you notes, but I've slacked off lately. I'm going to borrow your idea!
Later - Sniz

lil ole' me..... said...

I try to always do thank you notes. Just finished some for my baby shower. :)
I have a feeling with a new baby on the way, our future holds many evenings of writing thank you notes! :)

Storm said...

It may be late but my thank you cards will eventually get there. :)

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