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Lack of Privacy!

I checked on various people I know and most EVERYONE was on the list! If you are married, you may be listed under your maiden name. I've no idea how they get people's names, but you may want to send an email and have your name removed. Details are below.

If your name is on the list, it shows your name, birth date, address, and phone number. It also will provide a map with directions to get to your house. There is also a link to do a background check.

It's awful what is on the net for all to see... for a price. The Internet is becoming too powerful as far as I am concerned! I checked on myself and I'm listed.

I am sending this to everyone in my address book, and I urge all of you to do the same. Check to see if your name is in this Zabasearch database. If it's there and you want it removed, send them an email at to request the removal.

This site is public, as of May 2006. I don't know how our names are appearing there, but it is scary.

To check, go to

The only way to know for sure you have been removed is to check back a few days later. However, after six months, my information is still there and has not been removed.

This is unbelievable! What happened to our right to privacy???!!!

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