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Make Me Laugh Monday - Only in Brazil

1. Go to this site:
2. Follow these instructions. Type you first name in the top line. Then type your family name/last name/surname in the second line. It is case sensitive. Do not enter any other information.
3. Click on the Visualizar button.
4. Watch the whole commercial/video.
5. Laugh and enjoy.

4 cherished words:

Laural said...

I wasn't expecting Portuguese! I understood everything! Tonight when I get home, I'm going to put my Brasilian husband's name in, and play it for him. So fun!

Heather (A Mama's Blog) said...

That's pretty clever. :-)

Angie Schilaty said...

Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

Storm said...

I thought it was a neat computer trick. Thanks for sharing in the fun.

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