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Computer Tips #8 - Vista Tips - 13 Dynamite Shortcuts for IE7

  1. Open a link in a new tab in the background -- Ctrl-Click
  2. Open a new tab -- Ctrl-T
  3. Open a new tab from the address bar -- Alt-Enter
  4. Switch between tabs -- Ctrl-Tab
  5. Close current tab -- Ctrl-W
  6. Switch to a tab -- Ctrl-Number
  7. Open quick tabs -- Ctrl-Q
  8. Add site to your favorites -- Ctrl-D
  9. Put focus on the information bar -- Alt-N
  10. Give focus to the address bar -- Alt-D
  11. Go to the toolbar search box -- Ctrl-E
  12. Open your search query in a new tab -- Alt-Enter
  13. Bring down the search provider menu -- Ctrl-Down Arrow

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Tracey said...

This will appeaer on my blog next week...thanks for the idea...I'll link back to you too.

Storm said...

A link back to me would be great. Thanks!

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