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10 Terms Everyone with Fibromyalgia Should Know

In spite of fatigue and fibro fog, it's important for us to educate ourselves about fibromyalgia (FMS) in order to understand what's going on in our bodies and learn how to best manage our symptoms.

Below are 10 terms everyone with fibromyalgia should know. Just click on the term to get a definition and learn what it means for your condition. This list certainly isn't complete, but it's a good place to start.

  1. Central Sensitization
  2. Cortisol
  3. Flare-Up
  4. Glutamate
  5. HPA Axis
  6. Melatonin
  7. Norepinephrine
  8. Serotonin
  9. Substance P
  10. Tender Points

Adapted from Adrienne Dellwo,

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