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Space Saving Tips for Kids' Rooms

Between all of the supplies, equipment, and accessories needed for schoolwork and extracurricular activities, it’s easy for your child’s room to become cluttered from time to time. An organized space is the key to focusing on the task at hand which is why it’s essential to find a few space saving storage solutions that will encourage a clean room for kids.

If you are just in the beginning stages of furnishing a bedroom, consider multifunctional bedroom sets that provide an opportunity for extra storage space. Drawers installed within a kids' bed frame are perfect for storing clothing or playtime materials while a bookshelf or compartmentalized headboard doubles as a storage unit for textbooks, toys, or knickknacks.

If your child's room provides enough space for a study or activity center, it’s best to find a desk or table that is equipped with multiple drawers or with an installed shelving unit which is great for holding arts & crafts and school supplies. Open storage bins, foldable baskets, or toy chests can store younger children’s toys, games, puzzles, or DVD collections while staying accessible to kids throughout the day. You can even color code baskets for specific activities such as reading materials, coloring books, games, and stuffed animals in order to make it easier to track down your kid’s favorite toy.

Better Homes and Gardens recommends taking advantage of every square inch of your children’s bedroom space by turning small corner spaces into a workspace and shelving area with L-shaped student desks or corner bookcases.

While you’re on the hunt for the perfect storage solution for your kid’s bedroom, it’s never a bad idea to start with a few refurbished pieces found in your own home or at a local thrift store. Entertainment center armoires can easily be turned into a bookshelf or set of storage drawers with a few simple DIY tweaks. You can always organize this open space with extra bins or baskets in order to create additional toy compartments. As long as you incorporate a handful of simple clutter-free solutions to your children’s space, everyone can look forward to a fun and organized atmosphere that functions well as a bedroom, playroom, and study center.

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