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Thought of the Day - 5/12/09

Asking for help does not make you a weak person! So before things get to the panic phase, you need to seek the assistance that you know you need. Friends who have been there before are waiting for you to ask for help, and they have some wise advice you need to hear. Ask for what you need today. No negative assumptions will be made -- your reputation is stronger than you think! Expressing your needs won't make you needy. It will make you feel empowered.

I have trouble with this. I feel if I ask for help than I am less of a woman, less of a mother. I know this doesn't make sense but it is a true battle within myself.

Do you have trouble asking for help?

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Tami said...

I have trouble asking for help. I'd rather do it myself. LOL.

I need to STOP that mentality and get over myself. I'm NO less a woman for asking. (I still don't ask though) easier said then done LOL

Happy Woman said...

I, too, have a hard time with this. Just the other day I read somewhere that our strength is in our dependence on God. I sighed such relief. I always just thought I was a whiney baby. lol!



Anonymous said...

All the time hon! But as the Good Book says, "Ask and ye shall receive." God wants us to come to Him and ask Him for His help. The same is true for members of the community. They cannot offer assistance if they do not know our need, and for them to know, we need to ask. That does not make us weak, it gives us strength. Strength to fight another day for our children.

Blessed Be.

Storm said...

I'm glad to know I am not the only woman who stuggles with this. I need to remember that asking for help does not make me weak.

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