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Who Will End Up Treating Fibromyalgia?

A shift in thinking is underway. With all the research showing fibromyalgia isn't rheumatologic but is actually a neurologic disorder, some doctors say we should no longer see rheumatologists.

It makes some sense - rheumatologists specialize in joints, bones, and muscles. They're not experts on how the brain perceives and processes pain. Neurologists are.

Will neurology welcome us with open arms? Are neurologists thinking how nice it would be to take on the challenge of fibromyalgia? Will their waiting lists accommodate a huge influx of people?

Many of us have had bad luck with general practitioners or internists. Do you suppose they're busily educating themselves so they can diagnose and treat us effectively?

Call me a cynic, but I'd say, not likely. Are we going to get stuck with primary care providers who don't even believe we're sick? Are we going to end up without a "home" as the medical community takes us out of the rheumatologic category without providing a viable alternative?

Adapted from Adrienne Dellwo,

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Happy Woman said...

Good questions! I appreciate the fibro posts.


Storm said...

Its nice to know people are actually reading my posts. : )

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