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Top Ten Tuesday - Reasons I Love My Son

This week, on Thursday, my son celebrates his 11th birthday, so in honor of his first decade being over . . . and beginning the next decade . . .

I love Cameron because . . .

  1. I love his laugh, it bubbles out in an infectious wholehearted way.
  2. I love his big hugs he gives me every morning.
  3. I love his big beautiful blue eyes.
  4. I love how protective you are of your sister, especially if she is sad.
  5. I love how you often check on me while you are playing, running to whatever room I am in saying, "Hi, mom."
  6. I love how you say "I love you" every night before you go to sleep.
  7. I love how you sing so heartfully even though you don't know the words.
  8. I love the love and affection you show to your sister every night with a great big bear hug with a little silliness thrown in.
  9. I love how you tell jokes that only you understand and be totally amused by your own silliness.
  10. I love your wonderfully beautifully cute smile.

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4 cherished words:

Suzanne said...

A special gift for a special boy. Happy Birthday to Cameron!

Blondie said...

Happy belated birthday to your son! This is a great list! I completely understand the joke telling because my son does the same!

I;m off to check out all of your blogs!!!

Tami said...

He's adorable

Storm said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Cameron.

Blondie, thanks for stopping by. See you around the blogosphere.

Thanks, Tami. I think he is pretty darn cute and handsome myself. : )

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