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Unconscious Mutterings #6

Nina says... and I think...

Animal :: My lovable Chihuahua.
Temporary :: Insanity. Being the single mother of 3, I feel I reach the insanity level often. : )
Moan :: Groan.
Rapid :: REM (rapid eye movement).
That’s for me to say :: A phrase you don't like to hear from your parents. Almost as bad as "Because I said so."
City :: Butler, PA.
Bumper :: Cars.
Eclipse :: Shadow.
Problematic :: Children.
If :: "If only" thoughts are a waste of time, but we all do it.

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3 cherished words:

Kelly said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

...just-rambling... said...

Great mutterings! I agree with your thoughts on "if only..."!

Storm said...

You're welcome, Kelly. Thanks for stopping by.

Just Rambling, thanks for the kind words. Yes, its sad that we all waste our time thinking of the "if onlys."

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