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The Ultimate Blog Party 2009 - Blog Hopping Review

I stayed up late so I could get my blogs (and their URLs) added to the list earlier this year. I wanted my blogs to be near the beginning of the list since last year I was listed way past 1,000. My girlfriend, Teresa, and I were IMing each other and having trouble accessing the 5 Minutes for Mom site at Midnight. Bummer! After waiting one hour for the post to show up at 5MFM, we both grew anxious and tired. Just as we gave up and said good-night the site was up and running.

I was lucky and my blogs were listed at:
35. All Things Cherished
75. 365 Days of Memories
88. 365 Days of Christmas
98. 365 Days of Organization

Whoo hoo! I was so excited to get all four blogs listed in the top 100, I couldn't sleep for hours. : )

My goal was to post at least at half of the blogs listed by midnight the first day of the Ultimate Blog Party. At midnight, the number was 808 blogs. I did not make my goal, but in two weeks time I seriously made a valiant effort but as you know life takes precedence. As of today, I have made it to 332 blogs out of 1,562 (the final number at midnight of the last day of the party) and posted at most of them. Sadly, there were many blogs with no party posts, some blogs that were businesses only, some blogs that had disappeared (due to lack of a proper ISP address), and some blogs with duplicate (and triplicate) entries. I did not count the blogs -- approx. 20 -- that I visited from links from other blogs.

One of the best things about this year's party was I won a prize. See my post titled All Things Cherished is Updated.

One of the other best things about this year's party was the many comments I received this year at all of my blogs: All Things Cherished received 140 comments. 365 Days of Memories received 52 comments. 365 Days of Christmas received 45 comments. 365 Days of Organization received 52 comments. Whoo hoo!

Blogs Worth Visiting Again (in alphabetical order):

4 Little Men & Girly Twins

Autism Interrupted

Brea's Mommy

Divine Chaos

Farm Home Life

Full Nest

Her Media

I Am a Money Magnet

Just Jingle

Life On The Roof

Make Life Delicious

Making Memories

Marta's Meanderings

Modern Media Mom

Moms By Heart

Muddy Boots

My Creative Adventure

My Sweet Babboo

Ordinary is Amazing

Scoring Deals

She Wants to Be Organized Everyday

Something About Parenting

Sunshine 4 Teachers

The Attitude of My Heart

The Italian Bella Diaries

I have enjoyed your blogs and have grown to become a regular reader. I may not often post but I do enjoy your posts, blogs, and inspiration. Thanks. Please help yourself to the I Linky Love You award on my sidebar and add it to your blog. See you around the blogosphere.

3 cherished words:

Betty said...

Congrats! I'm happy you were able to get them all on the 100 list. :)

Jingle said...

Wow! Thank you so much for including me on your list! I am thrilled that you like my blog and I hope to see you around lots!!!

Storm said...

Thanks, Betty.

You are welcome, Jingle.

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